(80 Servings)


Check out the front door key from Club Manager.


Inventory freezer and refrigerator prior to purchasing items listed below.  Previously frozen meat not used on Family Night WILL NOT be refrozen.  Cook all thawed patties.  Uncooked fresh meat should be put into the freezer for the next Family Night.  Check how much mustard, pickles, mayonnaise, and ketchup are in the refrigerator.


If desired, you can obtain an advance from Club Manager (Neil Schaible, 678-7084, maximum of $175.00) to buy food.  Be aware that Neil cannot get the money until the first day of the month in which Family Night falls thus early coordination will be necessary.   It may be easier to buy the food yourself, keep all receipts, and then turn them in for payment.  KEEP ALL RECEIPTS!  (DO NOT PAY TAX).  Do not mix personal non reimbursable items on these receipts.


Suggest you have three people working in the kitchen behind the counter and three people cooking at the grill.  Up to six volunteers will be rewarded with free dinners for this event.  In addition, two bar tenders will receive free meals.


The fall and winter months (November through March) are routinely less attended, so plan accordingly.  Also, Friday nights around holidays (July 4th and Billy Bowlegs weekend) are also less attended.  For those dates you might consider planning for 60 attendees while having additional meat available if needed. 


General Instructions: 


Note:  Please contact Gary Combs, 217-5181, for questions, additions, or suggested changes to this checklist.  This checklist will be updated at least annually; check date for currency.




Inventory/Purchase List




On Hand



Hamburger Patties*





Hamburger Buns





Hot dogs





Hot dog buns





Sliced cheese





Heads of lettuce















Baked beans(16oz cans)

16 or 256oz




Potato Chips (Large bag)





Plates & Utensils

100 servings





2 bottles





*Hamburger - at least 80 patties.   Approx. 30 lbs of ground beef; check stock in freezer.  Some people prefer to make the patties versus ready-made.  It has been suggested that people not buy the frozen burgers, but to purchase fresh made patties at Winn Dixie, (check your prices, meat is getting very expensive).  All not cooked fresh beef can be frozen.  Recommend a small surplus of meat be kept in the freezer for the occasional unexpected large crowds.  Historically, smaller attended months are July, December and January.  If the first Friday is in conjunction with holiday weekend, the participation may be less than normal.


*Frozen hamburgers – Some experienced crew chiefs recommend purchasing 85% lean frozen patties from the Base Commissary (or 18-pack from Sams).  They are perfectly sized and they cook straight from the freezer which makes quantity estimating easy—buy extra and don’t cook them unless you need them.   They also cook well with little flare up. 


*The most common remark during Family Night is the tendency to overcook (hockey-puck style) burgers or just the opposite, serving them rare.  The rare ones can be recovered with a little more time on the grill or a short period in the microwave. 


**Produce – purchase larger quantity if the items are small


***In the past, some Family Night crew chiefs have also provided a small dessert following the meal.  The routine is ice cream and cookies.   Check the freezer; there is often left-over ice cream from Membership night or the previous Hamburger Night.  If you have the budget, you’ll only need to purchase a couple bags of cookies and a large tub or two of ice cream.


May 18, 2012