Welcome to the Eglin Yacht Club - Membership Night Dinner Reservations

30o 27' 01.72" N 86o 32' 19.44" W





Reservations/cancellations must be made by no later than 1800 hours the Tuesday
 before the dinner.

 If you want to check your reservation, click HERE after you submit the form.


To make reservations for Membership Night Dinners, please fill out the form below.



To make or change reservations you may also call


Jan Westfall @ 850-609-8075 or click HERE to email her.


  • Members with permanent Membership Night reservations are listed below.

    You do not need to do anything unless you want to cancel your reservation.


    If you want to have standing reservations please let Jan Westfall know. 

    Standing reservations will be charged if not cancelled as stated above.

    Name Number
    Bills, Al 1
    Colton, George & Angela 2
    Dent, Kay 1
    Gramm, Bob & Karen 2
    Graves, Tommy & Lynne 2
    Jacobs, Jerry & Susan 2
    King, Pete & Myke
    Krajeck, Phil & Astrid 2
    Lowry, Mike & Addie 2
    Lussier, Ed & Martha 2
    Martin, Linda Gail 1
    Seip, Ray & Pat 2
    Shingler, Larry & Anna 2
    Tharp, Jim & Nelly 2
    Vachon, Dave & Judy 2
    Valade, Valerie 1
    Westfall, Fred & Jan 2

    TOTAL =