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Commodore's Message

Greetings fellow power boaters, divers, sailors and those of us who simply love the scent of salt air in our nostrils and the sound of seagulls in the blue sky above! Our beautiful Eglin Yacht Club (EYC) celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2022 and all of us hope for many successful years to come. Here's a rundown on what our club is all about.

Eglin Yacht Club (EYC) is an "all ranks" club that provides the opportunity for qualified personnel interested in boating, fishing, Scuba diving or just being on or around the water to meet in a social environment. Owning a boat is not a requirement. Many of our members do not own a boat. The main EYC facility, Building 2816, is located on Ben's Lake just up the street from the Bayview Club. The Dive Activities Building 2808 is located south of the main building. EYC and the Dive Activities have many functions scheduled on a year-round basis. 

Eligibility for EYC membership includes anyone who has access to Eglin AFB. Below are some of the many club-sponsored events: 
Family Night occurs at 1830 hours on the 1st Friday of each month and children are welcome. Normally, the menu includes hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, chips and ice cream.

Membership Night is held at 1830 hours on the 3rd Friday of each month. An adult event, it includes the monthly EYC meeting followed by a multi-course sit-down dinner prepared by club volunteers or catered in from one of the local restaurants. 

Dockage, complete with electric and water is available at EYC for overnight stays at boating events, meetings, etc. Transient boaters affiliated with DOD who require transient dockage will need to make arrangements through the EYC Club Manager. 

Cruises and boating activities are scheduled for each month. They include a Commodore's Annual Champagne Cruise; a progressive dinner by boat to different member's waterfront homes; and numerous fun trips and raft-ups at ports and anchorages in local waters and up and down the Gulf Coast. 

Dive Activities are a key part of EYC. Certified divers who are EYC members can rent Scuba equipment at bargain prices. Certified divers can get free tank fills for their personal tanks and NITROX fills at very low rates.  The club hosts dive-related meetings at 1800 hours on the first Friday of each month, except December.  The club arranges local dive excursions and periodic dive trips to worldwide locations.  For more details see the EYC Dive Flight page or Facebook page 

Check the Calendar for current club and activities. 

Please check us out. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our club.

Barry Bradshaw
Commodore, Eglin Yacht Club