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EYC Cruise Schedule

Check the CALENDAR link for specific dates.

EYC Cruise Schedule for 2023
Check the Calendar of Events for specific dates
January None
February None
March TBD
April 22: Local one night cruise
May Cruise to Biloxi, one stop at LuLu's in Alabama
June Marker 51
July TBD
August TBD
September 19: Progressive Dinner-Heald's then EYC Docks
October 7: EYC Open House
November 4: Marker 51
December 31: EYC Docks-New Year's Eve Party

NOTE: Above cruises are subject to change due to eather and dockage (marina) availability.  A detailed description of each cruise will be sent by email to all EYC several weeks before each cruise.  Point of contact is Dave Vachon or Gary Combs.

SAILING: The EYC does not offer sailing lessons.  If you are interested in learning how to sail, lessons are provided by the Fort Walton Yacht Club and the Emerald Coast Sailing Association.