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Why Join the EYC?

* Meet and socialize with people who also enjoy boating, fishing,      diving, paddleboarding, crab island frolicking and more
* Monthly Family Friday Night Cook Out (kids welcomed for $7 per    person) Kids under 5 eat for free!
* Monthly Friday Night Membership Social with dinner routinely        under $10
* Reduced price beverages
* Free ice for your coolers
* Free air refills for diver members
* Reduced price dive equipment
* Meet buddy divers and join group diving excursions
* In-water slips with power and water for limited 3-day visits
* Club available for parties
* Special monthly water events and/or club socials
* Special EYC member discounts, for example: 
            -Two Georges Marina in Shalimar offers 5% discount on                     fuel purchases and half price transient slip dockage 
             -BoatUS and West Marine Advantage membership for                       only $15
             -BoatUS discounts at marinas throughout the US.
             -Your discounts can pay for your membership
 Members: click here for the BoatUS discount code and click here for BoatUS and all other EYC access codes

Dues are payable in September prorated throughout the year as shown below.
New members pay an  initiation fee of $20 for name tags.
Month You Join Member Dues Amount New Member Initiation Fee New Member Total
September  $   96.00  $   20.00  $ 116.00
October  $   88.00  $   20.00  $ 108.00
November  $   80.00  $   20.00  $ 100.00
December  $   72.00  $   20.00  $   92.00
January  $   64.00  $   20.00  $   84.00
February  $   56.00  $   20.00  $   76.00
March  $   48.00  $   20.00  $   68.00
April  $   40.00  $   20.00  $   60.00
May  $   32.00  $   20.00  $   52.00
June  $   24.00  $   20.00  $   44.00
July  $   16.00  $   20.00  $   36.00
August  $     8.00  $   20.00  $   28.00

Commonly Asked Questions:

I don't own a boat or yacht! Can I still join? YES!
Many of our members do not own a boat. Only a few members have large boats!
What are water activities in the area?
There is a wealth of information on boating, diving, fishing and all other water related activities within the EYC membership. All you need to do is join and participate!
Am I elibigle to join?
Our membership includes active duty, civil service, government contractors, and retirees from all branches of the military. Our only requirements are access to the base, small initiation fee, and payment of dues at only $8 per month ($96 per year)!
How can I join the only boating, diving, water-loving, member-run, family-friendly, all volunteer social club on Eglin AFB?!?
       - Stop by the Club on the first or third Friday of any month                 (5-9PM) and seek out an Advisory Board Member
       - Contact Gary Combs for general boating related                               activities/information. Email Gary Combs

- Contact Mike "Adrian" Guidry for diving related                                     activities/information. Email Adrian Guidry

       - Contact Bob Gramm for general membership information.               Email Bob Gramm
       - Fill out a membership application and bring it to the club.