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Items For Sale




    If you wish to sell something, click HERE to send your request.

    Items for Sale...see below


    EYC Members,

    At the Dive Flight Sponsored Fish Fry on 20 September, we will give away all the dive gear in the attached pictures plus several wet suits (photos to be sent later). All you have to do to be  consider for the drawing, is to place your name on a twenty dollar bill and put the $20 in the designated "hat".  A bill will be randomly pulled from a hat, and the winner gets to take all the gear home.   See pictures below.

    You MUST be present to pick up your gear on Friday, 20 September at the Dive Flight Sponsored EYC Fish Fry

    Questions, contact Mike "Adrian" Guidry at mikeadrianguidry@gmail.com  



    If you would like to list an item for sale here, Include:

    • your name
    • description of the item
    • selling price
    • picture (optional)
    • and a way to contact you (phone and email preferred)

    then email the information to: EYC For Sale Items



    NOTICE: The EYC is not involved with any transactions.  Sale of items is strictly between seller and buyer.